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AronRa vs Mr Batman Aronra Gets Owned & Looks Like An Atheist Clown

Aronra loses debate to Young Earth Creationist

Atheists have become much more aggressive against Christians, particularly this year. 

Aron Ra is the author of Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism, the host of the Ra-Men podcast, director of the Phylogeny Explorer Project, and a regional director for American Atheists. Aron is one of the “YouTube atheists”

Aronra "The atheists aren't the problem here. For example, atheists would not take sequestered school children and force them to recite the daily mantra that there is no god, because atheists aren't the ones imposing religious views onto other people's children, and thus denying their rights. It's not the atheists who impede medical research either; we're usually not the ones against free or affordable healthcare, and we're not the ones minimizing or criminalizing women healthcare either. We're not the ones proudly perpetuating prejudice, be it racism, sexism or homophobia (among others). We're not the ones prohibiting or punishing partnerships between consenting adults, and we were not the ones who argued that persecution against gays (for example) should be somehow excusable or not considered a hate crime if it's done in the spirit or inspired by religion. Atheists don't want religion to have exemptions under the law, and why should we? It's not our demographic that has the most divorces, that has the most chemical dependencies, domestic violence, criminal convictions or even abortions. The only thing we might have more of are diplomas."