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Nephilim Free Young Earth Creationist

NephilimFree runs a YouTube channel on which he posts anti-evolution rants. He is a Young Earth Creationist who debates atheists about evolution online including AronRa and transgender atheist Brenda Von Ahsen

He believes that all creatures were created by God, that Noah's Ark and the global flood literally happened, that Jesus rose from the dead, and many other Biblical stories. He believes that the water that caused the Flood came from beneath the earth's crust, which burst through the rock due to pressure. So powerful was the blast that the water escaped from Earth's atmosphere, and was launched into space where it froze and hit the moon, causing all the craters on the moon's surface.


NephilimFree vs Muslim Debate Young Earth Creationism

Nephilim Free vs Muslim debate about god


In addition to being a fundamentalist, NephilimFree was a geocentrist, supporting the idea that the Earth is immobile and is in the center of the universe. But now NephilimFree is rejecting any claim that he ever called himself a geocentrist, while accusing atheists of contriving misleading accusations against him. NephilimFree possibly rejected the claim that he called himself a geocentrist out of fear of sounding insane for holding such primitive beliefs.


NephilimFree vs Brenda

Nephilim Free vs Transgender Atheist Brenda Von Ahsen debate about creationism

About Me by Neph

"I'm a biblical (young-earth) creationist and non-denominational Christian.
Evolution is an ancient religious idea passed from the Hindus to the Babylonians to the Greeks which was adopted by secular humanists during the 18th and 19th centuries because they believed that it provided a scientific basis for the rejection of Christian moral values and denial of the existence of God.

"I suppose the reason why we leapt at the Origin of Species was that the idea of God interfered with our sexual mores.” - Thomas Huxley

Evolution has been thoroughly discredited by modern science, which has revealed Intelligent Design and Special Creation to be the cause of the origin and diversity of life. If what is presently known of biology and the features of plants and animals been known in 1857, no discussion of evolution would have continued." Godless Social Meda Linktree