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Tjump is a self appointed internet philosopher who thinks he’s cracked epistemology in a deeper and more meaningful way than the last few thousand years of deep thinkers.

Tom says himself on his About page on Twitch "I started my YouTube channel, TJump, in order to demonstrate how effective my approach is at debunking arguments for the existence of a God at all levels from casual apologetics to professional philosophers and cosmologists"


Tom Jump is an atheist YouTuber with a prolific output, making videos several times a week. He has debated several academics, philosophers, Christian Apologists and famous Youtubers.

Significant people Tjump has debated:

  1. Darth Dawkins
  2. Ask Yourself
  3. Mr Batman
  4. Jack Angstreich
  5. Destiny
  6. Godless Girl
  7. Kent Hovind

Tjump vs Godless Debate

Tjump vs Godless

Controversial Moral Position

Tjump calls himself a Moral Objectivist and defines immoral as whatever is an involuntary imposition on one's will. Which he admit entails if a rock imposes on your will then the rock is immoral.

Tom's position on morality being objective caught the attention of Philosophy Alex Malpass who wrote a blog post about him.


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